Havens die too quickly

So I’m a good bit into the game and have been searching non-stop for another base but haven’t found any. I also only have one carrier. So usually that’s off trying to find a base.

I posted yesterday about havens being attacked too often. Today the attacks slowed down a lot. Just luck, I suppose. So this is an unrelated issue.

Basically, I can’t explore and defend havens at the same time. Mostly because if I go more than one or two full travel circles away from the haven I can’t get back to it in time to save it.

Is there actually any benefit to haven leaders liking you anyway? I’m writing this because my top liked haven just came under attack right after I finished a faction mission 2-3 circles away and died before I even made it halfway back.


I tend to agree with this especially when the game doesn’t cough up any PP bases. I’ve seen people on Youtube get 4 bases on North and South America combined and here I am clearing both and finding my first base in east Europe. Later on when you’ve cleared nests/lairs in the starting area and branch out, some new nests may form on your starting area while you’re nowhere close. As mentioned above that’s the place where you’ve probably got the highest rep due to the early game and keeping 1 manticore with 6 members on board just for this does tend to feel like a waste of resources.


Sounds like this could be partly fixed by just guaranteeing that there will be at least one more base on your starting continent.

Another thing that could help is giving havens a random chance of successfully repelling alien attacks on their own.

… or is that already a thing?
I’m spitballing. I haven’t played bb5 yet and have only watched a minimal amount of youtube.

It’s kinda already a thing. They seem to have a stock of soldiers that can repel alien attacks but either they don’t replenish or their maximum is way too low most of the time. In the early game they can usually defend themselves but toward the mid game and late game you end up with a lot of settlements with 20 aliens vs 5-10 haven defenders. I’ve noticed that New Jericho seems to have the most defenders and can very rarely survive a 20 alien attack, which makes sense considering their ideology.

In every case though the battle happens way too quickly. Especially when they are outnumbered 20-5. You get like 2-3 in-game hours to help them. Which, honestly, I couldn’t make even from a next door base.

It wouldn’t be so bad if they had some sort of advanced warning. Or walls. So that a timer started and gave you time to go rescue them before the actual battle started. Like the aliens are actually besieging the haven.

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Thanks for the clarification.

Those solutions sound like they would fix it.

maybe also bump up the chance to successfully defend by a small margin as well? never being able to defend themselves in the late game seems like a bit much.

another thing that was suggested by MichaelIgnotus: having the ability to leave your soldiers at friendly havens as a garrison (they could also recover there)