[BB] - Satellite scans - tech upgrades

Small suggestion on the satellite up-link capability - given the fact that (with what I know thus far - lore wise) that the technology outside in space has not been impacted by the events on earth, how about enabling the ability to occasionally “ping” a satellite flying overhead?

It would be like a tech upgrade under research, but enable the ability to locate previously thought lost, spy satellites that are still operational around the earth. Essentially giving the ability to obtain and maintain GPS like coordinates.

Another “fun version” of this idea, might be something around awakening the infamous “Black Knight” satellite that appears as an interesting notion, that some ancient race / aliens / who knows what - left a near earth orbit satellite floating high above us. If this satellite was left by “the Gods” perhaps the Phoenix Group occasionally receives encoded / encrypted messages from it - that are tied back to the lore in The Briefing Book One - (don’t want to give anything away for those who are just joining these forums like myself).

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