Should Project Domovoy be Changed to Apply to All Havens Within Mist Repeller Range?

The Synedrion alliance research ‘Project Domovoy’ has the current benefit of ‘Enemy bases within range of Mist Repellers suffer a 20% reduction in global attack strength’.

But I’ve found that it is actually very rare to have Pandoran bases within Mist Repeller blue circle range. As far as I know Pandoran bases can only be established within the mist red zones, so the only situation where Project Domovoy can apply is when a Mist Repeller zone has recently been built and the blue circle is gradually expanding outwards, while the Pandorans build a new base near the mist Repeller at the same time. When the blue circle expands wide enough for it to envelop the nearby Pandoran base, then the Project Domovoy debuff will apply to that Pandoran base. By ‘Enemy Bases’ in the Project Domovoy text I think it only means Pandoran bases, so I don’t know if it also applies to havens at war with the Phoenix Project as well.

If that is the case, then the Project Domovoy debuff has very few or no instances of it actually applying during the course of a Phoenix Point campaign. In the late game Pandoran Lairs and Citadels can have very long attack ranges well outside of Mist Repeller blue zone range. The New Jericho alliance research ‘Signal Disruption Tech’ which serves as its equivalent to Project Domovoy, is much more useful by comparison. Should Project Domovoy be changed so that a 20% reduction in Pandoran attack strength applies to any haven or Phoenix Project base that is attacked within Mist Repeller blue zones? I think that would make Project Domovoy a lot more useful.

Then again, I am kind of surprised that Synedrion hasn’t thought to use the Mist Repeller’s swarm of smart nanites as a giant death cloud generator programmed to attack any designated enemies while leaving friendlies safe. Maybe Synedrion is not entirely comfortable with that idea, but it could allow the Phoenix Project to use the Virophage in a more discriminatory fashion.


yeah, that entire research is quite pointless… its very situational, and when it actually happen, 20% debuff is nothing noticeable anyway…


My only a bit useful idea is that later on, in war of fraction, enemy base is other fractions heaven. Many tech, if coming late, could also be rendered pointless, so make wise choices in research investments. But yes, this could really be replaced by some other perk. Create a balancing proposal ticket at official feedback tool, too.

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I’ve just created the ‘Change Project Domovoy so that it applies to havens/bases within Mist Repeller blue zones’ Canny Feedback proposal, in the balance change category.

As it currently exists, the only real purpose Project Domovoy serves is to provide a reason for the Synod of Yearning to smack talk Synedrion and make the Disciples of Anu and New Jericho go to war with Synedrion just that bit sooner.

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Ticket link, voted