Should healing apply daze?

Healing is a main advantage of humans, and it is the most OP thing in the game.

A better way would be to reduce med pack healing (leave the WA arms and Aspida as is). Consider that a soldier with a disabled arm can be healed by a WA arms or Aspida so can still use the normal 4AP that turn. In this case the disabled limb didn’t even slow him down! Healing should cause “daze” to force at least one down turn. AP consumed by the healer should be applied to the recipient as well. An Aspida 3AP super-duper-golly-whooper full heal would leave the fixed up soldier with just 1 AP.

Applying a med kit could still be 2AP, but any healing causes daze. How about that?

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instead of daze I prefer the same AP cost to healed soldier.

Early in game you dont have much armor and cant quickly upscale soldiers HP, so its matter of survival. Cheaper but smaller way to replenish HP, like some sort of refreshment points or staying in cover, would be most welcome. Aspida and Engeneer healing are great and maybe over-powered, but are introduced late in the game when enemy has way improved weapons too.

If some sort of “soldier vulnerability” and harder to survive mechanics is needed, I am always for stronger and varied enemy then for the reducing the medikit strength or applying daze to it.

Yes, it makes them more human. It could be an advantage of robotics, only AP is lost but no daze.
For mutations, another advantage of the daze immunity head.

Pandorans occasionally get healed and the same should apply to them. Imagine some fool applying a med kit to a Scalia, ha!