Mission type variation

This thread is about how little variations of standard mission types will add more fun to playing.
I stumbled upon a thread from late 2018 about scavenging missions and thought to myself how the exact repetition bothers me.

So, here is my example regarding scavenging missions.

Having the aliens start destroying the boxes the very exact moment our Phoenix Squad arrives is a concept worthy of improvement.
A little variation should be possible like:

  • we started collecting items and aliens or other scavengers appear which have to be fend off. The loot boxes will be behind the team at mission start with a certain amount already secured.
  • the loot boxes are booby traps set by another faction
  • the aliens have already destroyed some boxes and we have to run for it to recover at least something.

I don’t think any of this requires major changes and maybe we can experience some mission variations soon.


Regarding the ongoing discussion about Haven defense missions I suggest to add the possibilty to stop an incomming alien attack by direct confrontation before the aliens arrive. For example by ambushing their troops.

Also, depending on how long it takes the Phoenix forces to arrive at the battlesite the set-up can differ. If we are early the aliens are outside the Haven trying to move in. If we are late we might find the defending forces and civillians holed up surrounded by the attackers. Destroyed and burning buildings as well as victims can be a nice opportunity for map variations.