September Dev Update is up: Facial customization is happening

Is it just me or do the dudes in the 3 x 2 all look like Marc Maron?

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I hope the facial hair options are available for female body-type too, otherwise how can I make my dwarven-army a reality…


Gosh… I need to post my feedback so they can at least read it. It has been already 3 weeks since BB5 launch.
btw. Nice customization. Some players should have something to play with.

I thought we would have more map variety, not only in-maps assets. Does that mean we won’t be having snow/desert/forest/etc types of maps?

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@VYM Do you know, there are different people working on different tasks, there are designers, writers, programmers and so on.

Really nice to get some Development Feedback and it looks like they are working hard on a lot of stuff. I think they are holding back a lot of stuff from the BB5. We will be really surprised from the final game.

BTW: I didn’t except that much customization! :wink:


They said few times that there will be only environments for each factions, our bases, and alien nests. But I have some suggestion about that in my feedback. I still need to finish checking class abilities and will post whole thing soon. :slight_smile:

I’m not so confident in this. :wink:

Jesus… Maybe I will quote it for you:

Read the whole damn thing before you will complain.

The new maps with the rainbow windows is SUPER laggy on my system and I have a 4 gig graphics card! The rest of the maps work perfectly just this type something is not right with it yet, is anyone else having this issue! I am sure they are working on it…:slight_smile:

That’s odd, I have a 2GB card and works just fine. I do run Potato Mode, though, I’m a Performance over Graphics guy.

That’s unfortunate, even if I can understand Snapshot not having enough resources for it. But I was hoping for special scenarios in different map types, like:

  • Desert Maps, where Willpower would be drained due to severe heat exhaustion, like every skill requiring +1 WP to work;
  • Swamp maps, movement space reduced , take your speediest troops to compensate;
  • Snow maps, chance for every mechanical object, weapons, armors and items, to fumble, due to ice formation.

yes I know! I run in potato mode as well and on a smaller res, but the lag on this particular is almost unplayable… it drives me crazy because everything else is excellent!

@Yokes, old boy, you mean to tell me it’s possible, in a videogame, a medium that brings together design, character concept, writing, music, coding, to work in more than one thing at the same time??!! Gosh!

According to devs it is possible. :smiley:

Environment variety could be enhanced by some DLCs. To be honest I worry more about small variety of map sizes… And lack of fog of war (but that’s another story).
Reading development news is always a pleasure, though :slight_smile: