So should we wait for 5BB?

Dear developers, give us a ray of hope or do we still have to wait for September?

It was mentioned that Backers Build 5 should show up almost feature complete 1 month before full release. We will see if it will happen.

With all due respect to the developers, I just don’t see BB5 happening. It’s a way too short window of time between an hipothetical BB5 release and the final game, and to invest time crunching a new playable backer’s build it’s time that can be invested in the final release

But aren’t you on Discord? I’m not (using it recently) but reliable sources using it mentioned that from information written there, game is almost finished in devs’ internal build (with all the mechanics, but not all assets, where some of them will be added after release). Currently they are working on character customization and hunt bugs putting all together in final build. So I assume that if they will push Backers Build 5 to us, they will gladly hear the feedback to eventually have that last month for some minor tweaks and polishing balance etc.

“The problem” is always the same, how much time it needs to release a version which is coherently-playable, but doesn’t contain more spoilers than what they want to give to the BB-crowd. 'Cos you have to cut some stuff out, you have to limit progress in some way, and that takes time.

But due to xsolla being xsolla, it doesn’t concern me in any way~

Yeah, I do appear in Discord, and I read every dev line looking for just that little tiny bit of extra info. I just guess, rationally, that it doesn’t make any sense to put a BB5 and a month later the full game. Speaking of which, before the last delay, wasn’t the game supposed to be released around this time?

Yeah, it was :wink:

I have mix impression for BB5, on one side it take time to make it and on the other ist a good way to test the gameplay and finding bugs…
If they gave us BB5 ist must come around 15.7., Backers need time for finding small bugs and they need time for fixing them.
Because Close Beta version must be finished at the start of Avgust and the game must be tested for bugs and gameplay and Backers will not play it, at least majority of us/them.

When @JulianG announced the last delay, he said the game would be complete by the previous release date, but the extra months would ensure a new level of polish and balancing. So by that account, the game is complete by now, but bery unbalanced.

This announced is about 6 months old, if you look at the last news form 29.6.2019, you will see that all parts of the game are completed, but the game is not set up together…

I quote: "With release getting closer, our development team is busy putting together all of the game elements, systems, models, and other assets that they’ve been working on passionately for almost 3 years. The time has come to finally put all of those pieces together, and we can’t wait for you to see what’s coming up."

I suppose that BB5 (if it will happen) will be kind of beta but without some of the monsters, weapons, storyline, advanced research or some of the events.

Well I dug a little in Backers Build 4 and I must say that I’m more confident in the final release and that Backers Build 5 can happen. Because those builds for backers look like cut off from development build and were not good representation of what is worked on and mostly finished in the process of development. Even statement that E3 demo was the same Backers Build 4 but with some small tweaks made me thinking. I suppose that internal build has many more things already included but those were bugged in some part so team just cut out them from build shared with public.

“You don’t get a second chance at a first impression”.
You can’t play Xenonauts 2 on Steam until they’re ok with the state their game is in.
Why? Because if they would release a bugged client their sales would tank.

Even without the lack of a proper EGS forum I expect another BB because a bugged release will end the last goodwill they have.

I still would have prefered a complete early access without the storyline but that’s in the past.

Btw. you guys have fun testing the BBs and don’t get any money for it. Why not use that?

Use what exactly? I’m not sure what the question is about.

Use your willingness to hunt for bugs without compensation.
Why should a company not use free labor :wink:.

Well, they put work to bring game I rally want to play. If I may contribute to it in some way, other than money for pre-order, then why not. You may call it charity.

To be true currently I’m not really hunting bugs. Family doesn’t allow for that. Bugs just pop up. If I would be paid then I would probably run all case scenarios describing threads leading to each bug. :slight_smile:

That’s what I want to hear: an August BB5!