Second aircraft

  1. Is it possible to use any of factions aircrafts, or all of them completely bugged? Firebeard is mostly interesting :slight_smile:
  2. If they are impracticables at all - what about manufactured Manticore? Will it working fine, or the starter one is one and only?

The faction aircraft can only be used to do things that do not require the aircraft menu, so haven defences, alien bases, etc

A second Manticore will still work normally


So, does that mean, that faction aircraft can be used ONLY for points exploration (oh no, ambush! :slight_smile: ), area scanning and soldiers transportation? A bit too long and expensive for scout ships, isn’t it? :slight_smile:
But this actually leads us to a proposal for developers!
Gosh, a scout at reasonable cost would be awesome!

the opposite: only the manticore can be used for area scanning, exploring sites, etc. The NPC faction aircraft can only be used for things the trigger as soon as the aircraft arrives at the location.

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