Base Edition Backer

Hello, I recently received a email about getting the DLC for free so long as I backed prior to March 2019.
I say this because I Backed some time in 2018 with the base edition, received the occasional update via email but not so much backer based but generalized newsletter. Other than those generalized updates and this recent email I never got anything about my backer build or anything like that, could I get some help with this?


Getting the Season Pass for free is part of the compensation deal for the change to Epic Exclusivity and is available to all backers of all tiers from before the March 12th announcement. The backer Builds are only available to those tiers that included it in the purchase.

It is possible to have backed just the base game before the announcement which would get you the season pass, but not the backer builds.

To know if you have access to the backer builds you’ll need to find out which tier you backed at on your receipt