Still no post-battle automatic scavenging?

What the title says, I was really hoping automatic scavenging would be part of the final game. Or am I missing something?

It’s weird. Apparently you have to pick up everything in havens, or you get nothing, but you don’t have to pick stuff up in other battlefields.

That’s a dumb mechanic, and should be dropped. Make some missions harder, and force us to grab cool stuff and run. Don’t make us go about like errand boys and pick up every scrap of interest, even though the mission is easy.

it is the haven of another group of people. They have first dibs unless you grab it in battle

I get the logic there. If they want to go with that, have mechanics like Battletech does with scrap. Otherwise, it just means you have an unengaging bit of busywork to do, picking up all the junk scattered around the map, making sure one enemy stays alive till you have done that, even if it’s absurd.

Yeah, I suppose that items should be collected and could be shown in summary screen after mission. There could be mechanic to barter with local authorities for those items.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if there were joint raids of alien strongholds or such, with valuable technology at stake? Then, the local shelter or your ‘allies’ might demand an unreasonable share of the technology and scrap.

You could decide to give them most of the scrap, and improve relations, or keep it all for yourself, and weaken them.