Vehicle questions

Got 2 questions:

  1. Can I have more aircraft, then Hangars? For example: I usually build at the beginning a second Manticore and soon steal the aircraft from Syndrion. If I have only one hangar, what will happen, when I start a theft mission for the Helios? What will happen to the 3rd craft? (having only 1 Hangar).

  2. Can I somewhere sell or dismantle aircrafts? What, if I got the wrong ones?

Yes, scraping aircraft is well overdue. But I think that this has clearly been expressed before.

I believe you can now scrap aircraft by going to the Vehicles tab in the Personnel Screen - though that may only give you the option to scrap vehicles (I haven’t tried it myself).

If it doesn’t raise the point on Canny, as it clearly should do.