Scavenger Mission

It’s pretty hard making it to the crates with crabmen destroying them, any tips?

An APC gives you a very nice edge in getting deeper into a zone quickly.:wink:

how do you come across those if you cant get the resources? do you still get resources if you complete the mission, even if they destroy the um crates?.

or can you make one with 200 resources you start with?

Found on the map in an unexplored area. I did scrap some of the equipment I started with as you do have to pay a recruitment cost. You also need four spaces on the Manticore. So you can only take four troops.

I’ll have to read the updated guide, i didnt know you could scrap, thanks.

Shoot out any walls in your way that might block line of fire on crabs destroying crates. Make sure if using burst-fire weapons that bullets beyond the one that took down the wall don’t hit the crate. I use single-shot pistols a LOT to take down plywood/sheet metal barriers, especially on slum maps. You are likely going to lose at least one or two crates on most Scavenging missions, so don’t panic.