Bug reporting bug

Twice in a row I have had in-game problems I tried to report with F-12 and twice it has failed. Is this a known issue? The last one timed out, there was a different error with the one before that which I didn’t bother to note. I will pay closer attention and report on it if this is uncommon.

The only issue I’ve encountered is if one has too many save files. I always, move my older save files to another location prior to doing an F12 bug report.

Can you elaborate on that? Is it game saves? What files?

Come to think of it - I was using a new computer the last time I tried to report a bug. I only recently re enabled cloud storage…

I never encountered an issue. When sending report PP will pack and send ALL of your save files - so it’s better to keep those to the minimum, especially if you already run multiple campaigns.