F12 and reporting issues fail to upload

Heya all,

How or what can I do to succesfully upload when I hit F12 get all in there written but always get TIMED OUT after a long time trying to upload the savegamesxxxx.zip ?

Hey Myrjala,

What sort of internet connection do you have? Is it wireless/wired? Have you played any recent online games and experienced packet loss?

You could try this site to see if your connection is having issues.

Nope it’s not wireless and I used to play Wow Classic recently without any probs. Internet is just fine and at the same time (I tried that) I can read my mails on gmail but cannot send anything to Snapshop so I asked what settings I need to get in Windows or else where. (Windows 10, AV is Kaspersky)

Okay, I’m a bit confused… you meant snapshot (the online store):


Or an F12 reporting snapshot? As in, you can’t actually place orders in online store?

Hmmm. Well, I guess first thing’s first - disable your AV temporarily and then try F12 in-game. If it works, then you need to make an exception in the AV firewall settings. Not sure how to do it in Kaspersky (or which version you have installed) - assuming this is the problem… but you may also check if kaspersky has any alerts for the game .exe or EPIC games launcher processes. In which case you can make an exclusion.

Other than that - did you check your connection on the link above? How many dropped packets did you get? For example, I get 0% dropped packets but 2% delayed packets.

Ok First I’m french so playing from France , Europe.
Sorry for the mistake (misstaping?) Yes I meant Snapshot not snapshop ^^
I couldn’t try the site above cause of " Browser Incompatibility Detected " It doesn’t like M.Edge.
And Really I don’t have any prob with internet at all !!! but with these upload in Phoenix point. So maybe some ports to open ?
Anyway I’m stuck right now with Sirens and can’t pass them with a low level team . Game throw at my men lvl 3 and 4 two sirens in the first diplomacy mission at Day 11-01-2047 ! So not even 2 weeks in game and the difficulty became insane ! :confused:
all Heaven Defense at least one Siren I can’t pass the armor of these mobs and cannot kill them without loosing at least 4 or more men so I gave up. I ll return later maybe if it more playable and fun .

Hehe, don’t worry about the typo. Even if you were primarily English-speaking, it’s a normal mistake - I was just making sure I understood you!

Yeah, from what I’m seeing, the overall game balance seems to be a bit off… nevermind technical details :slight_smile:

I can think of two reasons it might have failed:
1: you have too many save files in the save folder. The bug reporter tries to upload the entire folder to get as much data as possible, but it can only handle so much and chokes
2: the internet glitched somewhere along the way, at which point you just need to try again


Do you happen to know what the cut-off is?

So the F12 reporting system sends all save games rather than the most recent one?