Save files are gone

I’m having this same problem. I can find the data at
C:\Users\%username%\AppData\LocalLow\Snapshot Games Inc\Phoenix Point
But I can not find the Savegames directory.
My squad… the WaterMellon Heads!
Guess I’ll just have to start again

Go to where it should be, right click and choose ‘create new file’, double click on it and name it ‘Savegames’, open it and drop your files in it. Problem solved.

people please help!

if i go into c/users/paulc/appdata/locallow i have a save games folder in the Pheonix point folder (see below)

but if i then go in the EGS folder their are saved games in the middle folder

what do i need to put where?

LocalData is used when you are not connected (I discover that when the epic game server was not responding)

When connected, the uses the one with a bunch of letters and numbers. You have two of them. I can’t say witch is used. But the “option” file should have been modify the last time you launch the game. That should help to find the good directory.

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My Save Files disappeared after the recent patch as well, reroll did not bring them back either.
There are actually save files in the Save File Location, but the game seems to not find them or chooses to ignore them.

The EGS Folder is empty except the options file.

Do we have any info on that kind of behaviour?