Save Games lost /(cloud I think)

Help I have lost at least two hours of saved game progress. When launching game I used to get option of accessing cloud or local. I always used cloud. After playing and saving while connected to the internet today, when I tried to resume today, I did not get a choice when loading gamers and my games files available are older and my current progress is lost.

thanks in advance
love the game btw.

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I have the same issue I think.
my main suspicion right now is that once I launched the game (Epic Version) using the new GOG game launcher (I’m usually launching the game by Epic Launcher)

What is weird is that I can find on my disk files like :

CurrentGeoscape_16_03_2047_1.sav and CurrentRestart_16_03_2047.sav

but the only file can reload are :


Nearly one (game) week later.

I’m trying to fix things renaming newer file on older ones, but it’s not working. I’m assuming the CurrentGeoscape and current restart are saved when you start a mission, but can not replace regular saved games.