Sacked soldier kept asking to replenish his gear

I rescued 2 Heavies and 1 Sniper.
After the mission, pop up asked to replenish their gear which I did not.
I checked these new soldiers and dismissed one of them (no good traits).
Then I went to do another mission, but without these newbies.
After this new mission, game asked to replenish ammo for the sacked soldier.
THIS kept on and on until I deleted that game and started new.

This occurred in 1.9.3…

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It was like this in the v1.9.2 too… sacked a lot of cheated in chars… and once I had the technology to refill their full asked gear(ammo), went for it, the items disappear and go no where… at least from what I could tell. As in, it went to the sacked soldiers that are no where to be found. Ahh, well that’s a small thing.
But yes, this bug should be fixed so others won’t fall into it.

There is a similar bug with rescued soldiers. Once you rescue them, in further missions, even not involved, their ammo is presented as used - but cannot be reproduced

I can confirm this one, but not the OP one, because I just don’t fire soldiers.

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That’s because there is a semi-empty magazine. Scrap it and this will go away.

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Yeah, but since the firing of the soldier didn’t actually remove the characters equipment, that’s kinda hard with this, as they no longer are around. And I can’t manufacture the independent gear/mags.
Yes, most of the independent gear is not removed when they are fired. You have to do it manually. Same for tecnicians. And supposedby by any gear you have not already researched.

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Please flag the serious bug for 1.9.4 hotfix. Its nuisance and game never behaved like that before (two steps forward, one step backward, as usual rhythm)

SO I started a new campaign and rescued some independent soldiers…
After the rescue mission, I unequipped them all and leave them in the base.
Then did more missions and check the equip screen no longer asks for re-stocking the rescued soldiers.
HERE I decided to sack those lame rescued soldiers - un-equipped.

Another mission later, the re-equip page popped up asking to restock those sacked soldiers.

THIS IS ANNOYING! Im not rescuing shit from now on.