Rookie Playthrough some numbers

Hey there,
just ended my first playthrough on rookie since DLC. My legendary one is on hold because of time-issues (real world virus).
However this is just a single campaign but nevertheless i kept track of it.

I played 94 missions alltogether. Keep in mind that i could have ended the game a lot earlier but i wanted to have a savegame from which i could play all faction-ends, so basically i had to wait until the anu built their temple and they were really late this game o.O

Out of these i did:
4 scavenging missions (hate them, no need to)
6 Nests (1st one appearing 15.01.2047)
6 Citadels (1st one appearing 06.03.2047)
7 ambushes
11 Lairs (1st one appearing 20.02.2047)
27 special missions (faction missions + neutral haven + living weapon)
34 haven defenses

Average XP/mission was at 529
I had 1101 skillpoints left (+4 that i used up accidentally)
15 soldiers were at level 7 and skilled out
6 soldiers were nearly maxed out
10 level 7 trainees were left with 120 skillpoints
Maximum ODI was 22%
I recruited most of all available soldiers so i can use this savegame for some buildtesting.
1 did all research but fireworm and poisonworm they were only on the first missions

5 soldiers died, 1 of them to that murder-stairs on an anu-temple, 3 to the acid from a mortar chiron that sneaked somehow on the map and the 1 standard death to a random arthron coming out of nowhere hitting him with all shots in the chest killing a verteran soldier straight away

1 had 9 PP bases five of them were close together (china, more china, indonesia, sibiria, russia), having no bases in europe (that russian one was east of ural) and africa which made it neccessary to keep some aircrafts always around those large regions without a base. 1 northamerica, 1 canada, 1 mexico 1 chile/argentinia

Camaign ended on 30th of April 2047.

During my camapign i encountered the following bugs:

  • death from stairs
  • enemys (1 siren and 1 pure-technician) walking into walls/objects. the technician i could “free” (^^) by throwing some grenades at him, the siren got stuck in a wall on a lower floor of a lair so i had to restart
  • infiltrators doing double damage only with the silent-echo-bionic-head
  • gungir overwatch is bugged, it reaches only some 10 tiles
  • still some fireworms stuck in objects after being launched by a chiron
  • a single haven defense mission as well as the “byzantium” mission just stayed on the objective screen for the rest of the game
  • soldiers can’t remember which color their equip had, changing to standard sometimes
  • sometimes the soldier was unable to correctly deactivate his shield, running around with it like a tablet
  • memo to myself: kill all sirens mindcontrolling your units, don’t paralyze them becaus they still mindcontrol your units and no, mindcontrolling them does not make you the puppet-master-master too
  • a single hang on a NJ special mission where i killed a NJ sniper with an overwatch
  • capturing a goo-chiron did not provide the research but killing one some mission later did
  • containment bug, as soon as i had the mutation-lab i harvested all pandorans straight after every mission for my men just couldn’t keep them contained for more than 1 mission (i always say “close the gutter after you”).
  • havens were still attacked by the Pure long after their base was destroyed
  • dash is still interrupted by spotting new enemies

funniest moments:
1 that acid-chiron that played hearthstone with himself for the first 5 turns in a far corner of a lair only to remind himself that he probably should help his pandoran friends on turn 6 and bombard my squad out of nowhere, leading to 3 soldier deaths due to unpreventable acid damage
2 and of course that big guy of an assault dying as he broke his ankle on the first step of that stair
3 silentsneakragebursting with a hel-II canon direct next to a siren, she never knew what hit her as well as the others standing some 3 tiles away, it’s magic!

sadest moment:
seeing 300 acid dmg on your soldiers in the middle of the map, knowing you can’t do nothing to help them but watch their flesh dissolve next turn becaus you can’t heal acid-dmg

favored soldier:
My sniper/infiltrator with sniperist, bombardier and reckless. launching thor-missiles after vanish into a group of 2 sniper-tritons and 1 acidlauncher-arthron is satisfying (and silent, too xD)

What i liked:
As expected from a rookie-playthough the game was basically for entertainment, knowing what to do, how to train/spec your toons the game was easy. I had the feeling that the ODI kept growing slowly although i scanned the whole planet making sure that there was no more than 1 pandoran structure active at any time since march. before DLC i could hold the ODI near 0%.

I really like the new bionics but i’m a NJ fanboy so this was expected. Still, the new missions are too few, i really love special missions.

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Nice review :+1:

Some of your mentioned bugs/issues are known and in progress, see
Propably not all, so maybe you add the missing ones.