Comments after completing Legend campaign

Yesterday I completed my first Legend campaign (after another three playing Veteran) , I played 7 days, ODI was 80+ , March 10 in the game.

I finished the game with 19 soldiers, but I used only 14 for the missions (the others for SP pool), and I suffered only a few casualties.

In the beginning with only 4 squaddies and Phoenix weapons, missions were interesting, injured soldiers almost every battle. Limited resources destined to better weapons, new facilities, also reverse engineering, and new “naked” soldiers needing armors too.

So every mission was a challenge, even nests in the dark. Creating a “full” 6 squad took time. Random distribution of bases(South America without base, the closest point, Canada) and diplomacy missions locations to unlock havens locations(REP25) increased the time to complete the campaign.

Only one Manticore to control global threats, haven attacks, scavening missions… put strees in my small troop, but manufacturing a second Manticore and putting together a second Squad for scanning and “low risk” missions midgame was the turning point.

After that with better weapons, and skilled soldiers, some of them Multiclass resources were coming “easily”, I ended with 4 aircrafts, 2 Manti(soldiers recruiting/transport and commerce) and 2 Thunderbird

The curve is there, difficulty present in the beginning, mid game, but at some point 6 skilled/armed to the teeth soldiers will wipe out 15-20 Pandas included Chirons/Scyllas without batting an eye.

This time I created different Multiclass combos, Assault/Priest, Sniper/Infiltrator… Assault/Heavy with +30% damage was a blast using Deceptor MG and RB, Big Bosses killer, added augmentation and Thor AML, totally OP.

About skills, Rally was not necessary, I used in Extreme missions once or twice, but not always.
Never used double dashing per turn, or speed beyond 20-21. Rapid Clearance is extremely useful and Priest level 7 is cool, but I prefer Technician , Multiclass from the beginning (deploying turrets + healing), I didn’t need to use Electric Reinforcement

Final mission wasn’t different from Veteran LV, I expected more spawning, resistance, my soldiers reached Yuggothian Receptacle without a single scratch (technicians patched a couple of lightly injured snipers due to initial Chirons)

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Yes, such reviews have appeared more and more frequently …

Balance problem # 1:
I would now classify you as a tactical veteran. Nevertheless, early game is a challenge for you.
It is a frustration for beginners!

  • They have massive problems with sirens and chirons that even appear before mid-game.
  • At the same time, you have no resources to replace soldiers or equip them to say nothing about other aircraft.
  • In addition, the DLC brings the extreme armored “pure” in early game, which exacerbates the level of difficulty at the beginning.

Balance problem # 2:
From around mid-game everything turns. “Countless” cheat combos can really be used to clean everything with “FTS”. Just that you deliberately do without the really broken cheats (“Invulnerability” with electrical reinforcement or “AP Generator” with Rally the Troops) shows it again clearly.

Someone who is playing a tactical game because of a “challenge” will also get frustrated here. (Also: DLC brings even more super toys to players who have successfully survived the beginning, so that FTS efficiency increases even more)

So unfortunately, at the moment everything is the opposite of how it should be.


I agree, rebalance is necessary, at least for hero/legend

Skills and weaponry, it’s not just “Throw me 30 Pandas instead of 20”, that kind of game desings is unbalance, not the right call

By the way, the battles that I enjoyed the most were those involving other factions, Firebird (the Purity vs Synedrion vs my squad) for example, or City upon a Hill, Byzantium, also early game, fighting other factions is dangeours and fun.

When I like a game I get invoved very fast, Discord, forums, bugs reporting, even QA, suggestions, fan-art, and I see potential for this game, a lot

So maybe some tweaks, devs listening CC , putting some use for vehicles (3 slots is too much) and Snapshotgames will recover original Xcom spirit and make us happy :blush:


Me too

To be fair: the nerf at sirens and acid has improved the early game for beginners. Recruiting plans with soldiers without equipment is also moving in a good direction for early game balance.
Nevertheless, the big balance problems, especially from mid-game, have not even been touched yet.
Let’s see what comes next.

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I put my hopes in modding support that was promised by Julian Gollop like a year ago or so. I don’t think rebalance is possible without hindering alpha strike greatly and that, officially, is not going to happen in main game.

Yep, very similar to my own experience playing Legend (I have finished the game on Veteran, Hero and Legend, and now playing on Legend again).

Very true. What’s very interesting (and what devs should pay attention to) is that it’s not about specific builds.

I didn’t have any assault/priest, sniper/infiltrator, assault/heavy with Strongman, or technicians to heal. (I had a sniper/technician and an infiltrator technician for turrets, though), but the outcome was the same.

Because all classes are very strong (even without multiclassing, actually - I had a single-class priest without mutations), just the flood of SPs from missions guarantees an OP squad by late game.

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I would guess that mod support is on a back burner until the team gets the core issues addressed. Get the game in a solid state, then spend the effort in providing mod support. Until then modders will be chasing an ever moving target.

I can wait. :slight_smile: But it would be great to have confirmation proper modding support (without hacking Unity) is going to happen. Right now all I have is vauge promise Julian made on reddit Q&A but we’ve heard later that some of planned features were dropped and won’t be implemented at all. We’ve never got the list of dropped planned features so I just hope modding support wasn’t one of them. I have missed the latest Q&A session and noone asked about mods unfortunately.

They will be making a huge blunder of the do not support modding. Sooner will be better yet.