Observation on the new build

OK…Still playing through the first play through since the August 7th update and noticed a few large issues: Playing on Rookie

1: the dooms day counter is way to fast! As i am unable to scan as before I can not get to the location needed fast enough to progress the game. I do not have the funds to open the bases needed. So I have not even come close to finishing this and I can already see that I am about to fail! There needs to be more funds available as well it is a constant struggle that is really irritating there is so much you need to do but can’t even get close to doing it as you have no funds constantly and this is on Rookie no less…

2: I have over 700 resources available and it is telling me I do not have the funds to reload my rocket? How is that even possible?

3: I only seem to be able to find and play the NJ team? I am down to 45% on the timer and I have not made any head way with either Anu or Synedrion?

4: The virus infection is out of balance, I get hit the man runs away and is frozen for two turns gets one turn then frozen again for another two turns? It does not seem to be the case for the aliens? What’s the deal with this? I get it needed to fixed but that is ridiculous! I am in a scavenger mission and can not evacuate the last man due to this problem, while they refill the map with their men!

5: The Synerdion maps are still way to laggy to play effectively and the map sticks to the mouse every move, if I move the mouse right the screen moves left and the same for all directions if I move the mouse the screen/map move in the opposite direction? To release this I must select a different weapon and then re-select the original.

6: The new lairs (Mad Scientist map) as the map is so small the Scalla can reach all your men before you even have a hope of scratching it! I lose a minimum of two men on this map even in Rookie! And now you can’t use the new RANGE BURST effectively it is a suicide mission and the rewards do not make it worth the effort! I have not played against this in any other liar map yet as I have not progressed enough but if this is a sign then I don’t want to find out.

Their is a huge range of good things that has come along and really makes a big difference… BUT there is still so much not right… Two steps forward 1.5 back!

You can counter the panic effect of virus, but not virus itself. If you are unlucky, you can get 30 stacks of virus in one turn and without any way to fix it. Stimpacks should be able remove stun and virus too.

Virus and Stun is one of the reason, why i bring APC to missions, because these 2 effects are out of balance.

Fix stun with medkit? I would even allow medkit to deal with virus after some research, but I’m not sure about the stun

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