Returning After a Year

Played only briefly when the game launched on Epic and felt the game needed work before I got into it, was glad to see the continued patches and now with the game on Steam decided to fire it up and see where we were.

Overall, can’t say I’m not disappointed. There is no feeling of what I should actually be doing or a sense of real progress, shortly after starting to game tells me to build a base near the mist but I have no clue how to build another base. The faction mission I accepted to sabotage a Synedrion food supply gives you no clue as to how you are supposed to go about it (coupled with there being only a single Synedrion haven/outpost on the entire continent). I explored every POI I could reach and ended up just sitting out days waiting for research. Something small but I loved decking everyone out in matching colors and patterns yet here every color is super bright and just ugly af, some of the colors you pick actually gives you 2 completely different colors, just why… But what really kills it for me is the soldier RNG. No idea who thought this was a good idea but I actually despise my entire squad because of this. None of the skills are synchronous are feel very beneficial, the secondary class which could have been a boon just feels wasted. Every XCOM game I’ve played I loved building each soldier up and it was devastating to lose a veteran, yet here I couldn’t care less who lives or dies.

I get some of these I could of missed something but this is a reaction to someone who played hundreds of hours of the XCOM series. Now this isn’t to say it’s all bad (enemy variety, action point system, combat. all are GREAT). I honestly think I’d enjoy the game sooo much more if we could just make our squad the way we wanted to.

Welcome back. Sorry you had a bummer of an experience. I’d encourage you to hang with it a bit — most of that stuff you can figure out fairly quickly. PP is definitely one of those chuck you into the deep end games. The pop-up hints they have now are actually a giant improvement, but there’s still a lot of stuff they don’t cover.

One thing about skill synchronicity. In my experience, there’s usually some way to exploit at least most of the random perks. It may not be what you were looking for, but you may discover new combos that you’d not have considered on your own. Let the perks guide how you shape the soldier. As you get more familiar with the skills, you’ll start to see the potentials.

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