Return Fire - Game Bug

This has happened to me every time so far. When any of my units with ‘return fire ability’ get shot, causing them to retaliate. If that retaliation shot causes the enemy to die, the game seems to stop proceeding. By that I mean, the game runs fine, but it gets stuck in endless ‘pandorian turn’ mode.

Judging from my experience working with Unity game engine, I think the following could be an issue;

It seems to me like the issue is caused by the game not registering that the enemy is no longer alive, yet trying to give it orders, yielding in a ‘Gameobject not found’ error or ‘undeclared variable’ error, not sure which of these it is speficially but i am pretty confident its searching for a variable that gets delated along with the enemy that gets killed, preventing it from continuing to the next enemy.

I think a simple fix to that issue would be to reuse the code from the ‘overwatch’ ability for this action. Since overwatch works similarly but doesn’t result in this issue.

This also happens to me, very frustrating to get near the end of a long battle and have the game hang. I hope this is a hot patch fix, and not have to wait for a major update.

This is a known issue and is being addressed in our next patch.


Really good! Currently most of my troops dont have the perk because of that bug