Game Hangs on Turret Return Fire

As the topic states… I’m doing a base defense mission currently and every time my armor piercing turret is attacked (forget what it’s called), it returns fire, kills the enemy and then the game hangs. Music still plays, I can still scroll the map… but I don’t get my turn.

I have had this happen, as well. It is not 100% of time, though. I managed to run over and pick up the turret so it would stop doing that. Later that same mission, I tried putting it back down again but the game would immediately hang.

Other details:

  • My technician was using the throw version of deploying the turret.
  • There was a scylla in the mission, it was either paralyzed already or at least half way there
  • This was also a mission where there was either a worm or mind flayer suck in some geometry so I had to run around blowing up random chunks of terrain/pipes/walls ect. with explosives to finally end the mission.

This is easy to test, hilariously easy, what are the devs doing? no testers for this game I guess.

Anyway I get frequent turn freeze on turret return fires which lead to critical damage and death of NPC.

Not just Turret Return Fire, but from Soldiers as well.

Game hangs during enemy turn if current enemy is killed by Return Fire.

I have had this happen a dozen times.

It does not matter the source of Return Fire, or the enemy type attacking.

I have had it happen to both human enemies and Pandoran enemies during their turn.

The game completely hangs and reboot required.

I have logged this bug three times, under different scenarios, using the F12 bug report function.

Excellent game, thank you all and keep up the good work.