Request for feature on console versions

Hi all.

Even if I’m new on the forum, I often lurk here and on Snapshot Discord and Twitch channels, often checking about this game, which is becoming my tactical/strategy favorite game. So greetings to all the people who often I’ve read but never interacted with :slight_smile:

I bought it on Epic on release date and when the game released on PS4, I secured a copy as well to play it on the couch.

And something small always bugs me when I play it on console that I miss so much in comparison to playing it on PC: The ability to cycle between enemies on sight or which are not longer on LOS but are already discovered on the mission. On PC, whenever I put the mouse cursor over the enemy icons above the soldiers ability bar, the camera centers in said enemy without me having to scan or track myself where this enemy is. I don’t know any way to do this on the controller and it’s very uncomfortable to me to sometimes scan the entire map when one of my soldiers unveil a new enemy. Even if sometimes I can follow the LOS indicator line.

I would appreciate it much if you could implement it somehow. Some controller button could be used as a switch to make other buttons to work differently, for example. You could even implement a setting to switch between this thing I propose and the current controller scheme for those who are not bothered by this.

Thanks anyway for the steady improvement of the game, and keep on. Good work, even if a bit messy on the technical, programming and bugs side of things.

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I have installed the PS5 upgrade and now it is possible to cycle through enemies with L1+R1 buttons combination just as I wanted.

I don’t know if this happened by chance or by user feedback but a big THANK YOU from me anyway.

This game rocks.
Keep the good work.