[REQUEST] Action Camera Off

I was referring to your statement, “they aren’t very polished. For example if you noticed that the soldiers have their weapons vanish when they execute a movement action?
They don’t holster the guns, they just run.” On Discord Unstable Voltage posted a couple of images of the animators working to implement “running with guns” animation. But yes, you are right, that kind of polish is nice but can add a lot of time to the game. A low-animation/fast mode might be nice if players are in a hurry :oden:

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It would be cool to me to turn it off, or turn on a combat mode, where all the action shots that are going off happen at once. one soldier fires and starts it, all reactions happen at once to show a barrage of bullets coming and then your own soldiers and turrets fire barrage back it could go way up into the air to capture all units firing and taking damage

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We have always planned to make the action camera sequences skippable and have the option to disable them.


Nice news, hope the feat might come in BBs

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Hey @UnstableVoltage - any update on this?