Interactive action cam? (easier to facilitate?)

What if you could add cool action cam nuances and cut out the difficulty of programming an action cam? (for example: ensuring that every camera pan in that happens isn’t wonky)

This could be provided by allowing the player to hold a button (maybe the shoot button) when taking the shot so that would trigger a sort of interactive action cam were you pan around with your mouse/keyboard/gamepad controls and make that sweet action cam yourself instead of passively watching the game make one for you. Could add a little bit of dopamine for players who are really invested in the outcome of a certain shot?


I like this idea. Another alternative would be to at least have the ability to turn action cams off and give decent camera controls so you can position the camera where you want it before taking an action.

Battletech, which was just released and was also created in Unity, had somewhat slow and wonky action cam settings by default - everything action had a follow cam (movement, shooting, melee, etc), so it would take forever to do a mission and sometimes the angles were terrible and not worth it. However, they had checkboxes in the settings to turn them all off, which made for a much, much better experience. I have had a few times in PP so far where I wished I had that, namely when one of your soldiers shoots and 4 aliens return fire, resulting in the camera jumping all over the place with mixed results.