Improved camera angles

One mod I found very useful in XCOM2 was the addition of the ability to move the camera in 45 degree increments, not just 90. This makes it much easier to position yourself . How hard would it be to implement this into the game ?


Considering it’s a 3D engine, and the camera can rotate smoothly to the 90 degree snaps, it would probably be possible to implement a full rotation system. I think at the moment in terms of the backer build, camera work is considered more “polish” than a core mechanic


I have already spoken with Julian about this. We may well implement free rotation. The only reason why it was originally locked to 90 degree turns (viewing from a 45 degree angle) is because much like XCOM, our original cover icons were vertical against the cover (as opposed to now being horizontal on the floor). This lead to difficulty in being able to see the cover icons when viewing directly from the side. There’s no technical reason why we can’t do it.


How about a tap on Q/E to snap rotate to a fixed 45 degree angle, hold Q/E to pan?

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How about no? We have 101 keys on our keyboards, we should take advantage of that. Shift/ctrl/alt are there for a reason.

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The game has to work well with a controller, so it is still important to get the default behaviour right.


No, it has not. It can be controlled with a gamepad but it’s not a gamepad-centric game; there is no reason to artificially limit most of the players because some might decide to use a suboptimal control method.

It would be easier if we were just to bind it to holding down a mouse button right? Maybe rebind middle click to rotate. Then you could just use the right controller stick to do a similar action


Thanks Julian for considering this option.