Replenishing medikits after combat

There’s a bug with medikits after finishing combat and getting to the “replenish missing equipment” screen. The ‘replenish all’ button manufactures missing medikits but the screen still claims that one medikit hasn’t been replaced. If you keep on clicking ‘replenish all’ (or the ‘plus’ beside the medikit icon), one medikit is manufactured each time. All those medikits end up being stacked in the same slot on the soldier. You can remove one medikit, leaving an empty inventory or quick item slot, but when you switch to “training” screen and back to “equipment” screen, there’s another medikit in the same slot.

Once you recognize what’s happening, you can of course stop clicking ‘replenish all’ more than once, as the medikit is being correctly manufactured on the first click. It’s also possible to unload the stacked medikits manually, as I described above, without breaking anything in the game (as far as I’ve noticed).

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Thanks for reporting this bug. I showed it to our QA and they are aware of it and will push it for a hotfix.

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I found out where the medikits are if you don’t unstack them manually.

Hah, great! The game seems to somehow support that bug instead of just coming crashing down. More quick slots? Here you go!