Repeated crashes in tactical combat (1.0.56200)

Today my game has been updated to version 1.0.56200. Unfortunately for me the game has become more unstable than it was yesterday (had crashes once in a while). The game crash so often that I have to save pretty much every turns in tactical combat. Hard to say what cause this as it can do so while the Pandoran do their things, someone return fire or merely alt-tabing the game to do other things. Very frustrating.

Anyone has work-around so the game crash less often?

I run the game under windows 10, using an AMD Ryzen 8 cores, 16 gigs of rams. I can provide the full specs if needed.

After some testing, I found that decreasing my computer’s memory speed seem to fix the stability issue. I decreased speed from 3200 (stock clock speed) to 2666 and the game hasn’t crashed after more than an hour of play.