FIX For Freeze on End of Enemy Turn!

At last I figured out why only about 50% of us have this problem. This is the same problem with every other game that freezes and crash randomly… running out of virtual memory. This latest patch introduced some elements, probably the AI ones?, that uses a lot of virtual memory so leaving virtual memory to system management will not do for some rigs. I set up a 20gb pagefile on my SSD drive and viola, no more freeze, no more crash and even the enemies turn is running much smoother and faster now! Try it guys!


I’ll try it out, will get back if I still get crashes. Great work in advance!

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bum for those who needs to know.

Seems to have indeed dealt with the freezes. Though I saved during a tactical encounter and it seems to be corrupted… Whole new problem!

Yeah the corrupt mission save is an entirely different problem indeed.

I also enlarged the pagefile but it does still lock up/freeze on seemingly random enemy turns. I am starting to believe this is a memory leak (as I can not identify any one contributing factor in common to the enemy freeze turn event). Hopefully they will get this squared away sooner than later.

I made an account just to ask this:

How do I go about doing this fix? Not a computer guy and don’t want to retard my PC. Could you link a guild I can read or anything? Thanks

UPDATE: found an easy step guide and will report if I have the same issues

UPDATE 2: loaded a file where one of my Assault gets shot at 3 times on the enemies turn. It was a bust. I am not going to lie I was/am so excited for this game but this bug has completely ruined this experience for me. I literally can not reliably play this game.

POINTLESS RANT: like everyone here I have a family and Run a business. I haven’t played a game in over 10 months just because time is a huge issue for me. This Christmas I made time to enjoy my family and play THIS GAME specially (xcom vet blah blah blah). This one single issue has completely ruined this excitement for me.

It’s not about the money. I don’t care about a refund. It’s just so crushing to have put in so much time this last 5 days just to have it break. Been trying to stay positive but my tank is low…


I also feel the same way. I am willing to wait but am hoping that they will get some of these figured out ASAP. This game has a great deal of potential. No issues with the minor bugs as that is normal and understandable for newer games, but the freezes are killing it for me.

A small temp fix that I have found is: before ending your turn just have all your soldiers with return fire hold like a med pack so they can’t return fire. It’s dumb and really gimps you but :man_shrugging:t2:.

But in the current haven defense I am in I have learned that if they shoot a Civilian and it disables a part on them it still freezes.

There won’t be a patch for at least 2-3 weeks… better shelve the game until the first DLC and use your time for other things. The game was rushed (probably due to the EPIC deal) and needs more time.

Every game I preordered this year was a disaster in the first 3-6 months.
Releasing an unfinished game in december is another story…even the classic team at Blizzard didn’t do that fortunately.

Same… even with this fix, I get that hang up every few hours or so. The memory leak of this game after the patch is just a time waster. I am just hanging this up for now and play mechwarrior5 haha

Its that latest patch that killed the game. The game ran perfect without it. And my messages got flagged and removed for warning people not to auto update the patch… oh well, so here we are more victims everyday.

I have reinstalled Xcom 2 to scratch the itch. Very disappointed but “That’s Phoenix Point Baby!!!”

Have you tried my fix? It greatly reduces the chances of a freeze even if you return fire, overwatch etc.

I did and loaded my save and froze first round, when I had set it to unlimited as well