Repeat Use of Perks

I’ve got a potential solution to the dash problem, and repeat perk use in general: increase the WP cost upon each repeat use within a single turn. Just double the WP cost each time a perk is repeated in a single turn. There’ll be no dash fanatics if the WP cost progression is 3-6-12.

As I’ve said elsewhere, that assumes that players haven’t figured out how to maximize their WP farms.

On most missions, it’s pretty easy to Jet your Heavy from WP source to WP source, harvesting all the WP on the map. That gives you a starting WP base of 12-15, which only rises as you start killing Crabbies.

So yes, it may well limit your Dash-Head to just 3 Dashes in one turn, but even that is pretty OP in my opinion.

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If you use all your WP up in one turn, however, you may end up SOL. Part of the reason dash is OP is that WP is regained fairly quickly. If you need to build up a lot of WP, it’ll at least cut it down. I’ve also proposed limited max WP.

Agreed, but in my (albeit limited) experience so far, you are rarely under so much stress that you are burning thru your WP. I usually find that I have something over 15 WP in the bank for the big push when I need it - which means that my Dash-Head can sprint like a loon across the map and multi-shoot the key target at the appropriate time.

Satisfying, but hardly challenging or realistic :smirk:


Yeah, that’s what the max WP proposal is for.

Silly me. I thought that was what it was for…

Having been in a situation where I’d entered a map with two Chirons at the far end of the map both launching missiles, and a forest of crabmen between my squad and the Chirons, dash was the only thing that prevented a complete wipeout.

So I appreciate it as a really useful get out of jail card, particularly in those wretched enemy spam ‘ambush’ missions. If I want to play without it, always can…

But as things stand, you can Dash your squad all the way across the map and take out the first Chiron before it even has a chance to take a shot. That, to me, is neither challenging nor satisfying.

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The double rocket Chiron is tough, no doubt, but I’m OK with that. I’d rather not have a solution that breaks game balance in many places.

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I’m also wondering if dash seems broken because ‘Rapid Clearance’ is broken, in the tool tip it says that Rapid clearance gives you 2 AP per kill up to 4 AP, so when I first got it I figured if I put myself in the right spot with a shotgun I could kill 4 mutants which is a good use of 5 AP (and will actually give me 8 AP of will back so if you only use one dash and rapid clearance you break even on will) But currently Rapid Clearance is giving 2 AP for EVERY KILL with no clear limit. I have dashed up to enemies, cleared a group, dashed to another cluster of badies and cleared them out and ended with a net positive on will. This makes dash seem way more powerful then it would be if rapid clearance only gave you a potential 2 extra kills.

Maybe the tool tip on rapid clearance means you can only get a max of 4AP per action so you can’t get 6-8 AP on a well placed grenade but that is not how I read the language of the tooltip.


Despite leading the charge in these discussions, I do sometimes wonder if the Devs are monitoring these debates with a wry smile on their lips, thinking: “You wait until the [X MONSTER] appears - THEN you’ll be thanking us for Multi-Dash!” We should always remember that we are Level 7 Squaddies going up against the equivalent of Sectoids at the moment.

It’s like the Sectopod in XCOM2. When that thing turns up, you know you’ve got a fight on your hands - unless of course you have a Hacked-Up Specialist supported by Squaddies toting Redscreen Rounds and lobbing EMP grenades, when you suddenly have a 100% chance of taking control of the damn thing.

Now, if all you were fighting at that point was Sectoids, you’d think it was stupidly OP. But you’re not. When you’re surrounded by Mutons and Avatars, and that weird alien in a diving suit that regenerates when you kill it, you’re eternally grateful that you have the ability to turn the Biggest Nasty on the map over to your side and help level the playing field.

So when we’re facing Mega-Chirons that can one-shot you with one lob, backed up by Super-Medusas and Baby-Queens with 200-point Armour, maybe we’ll be grateful that we can Dash more than halfway across the map and still fire twice, then go into Overwatch.

Let’s hope so , eh :wink:


But it doesn’t break game balance in the way that overwhelming enemy
type, weapon strength, armour or numbers do. One of the things that
impressed with the original XCOM and the reboot (to an extent) was the
way enemy strength was always a challenge (until very late game), but
never overwhelming.

As well as the Chiron double team I’ve had to deal with Triton ‘death
squads’ of snipers, all conveniently out of sight. Like the Chirons,
they appeared relatively early in game, long before I’d managed to
acquire hardware to deal with them effectively. It was a choice between
abandoning the mission (with heavy losses) or wipeout.

What might be missing from the game is a better stealth/detection
mechanic that would allow most of the squad to hunker down a way behind
a scout on point who has gone ahead to reconnoitre.

So I think what I’m saying is that ‘fixing’ dash is OK, if other aspects
of balance are dealt with in turn.

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Yes, there are definitely other game balance issues that need attention, but focusing on every balance issue in a single post would be a bit overwhelming. :smirk:

The chiron rocket double team and the triton sniper squadrons are beatable without catastrophic losses, but you have to make really efficient use of available cover, and they definitely burn through your medkits. The sniper squadrons at least rewards you with a nice crop of sniper rifles.

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