Sorry for the new Thread, but I really don't like reaction fire

As the title says, I don’t like it. For both the aliens and us.

Unlimited AP out of nowhere

I don’t see why you would be able to use “AP” for this on the enemy turn out of thin air.
Each faction (PP, Pandorans, Civilians, NJ, …) has it’s turn to move, shoot and make damage.
For overwatch, you sacrificed AP on your turn to potentially use them on the enemy turn.

There, it feels like when the FiraXcom Muton retaliates (OK, not that bad).
Or when “bladestorm” triggers 5 times when your ranger was surrounded by Chrysalids. It’s nice, you’re alive, not the Chrysalids, but it really comes out of nowhere.

Soldiers are not equal

  • A shotgun assault will use is lone shot and destroy his opponent (which was kind of funny with the triton shouting at him)
  • A rifle assault will use only half a burst and mess up with a following shot (I had some bad surprises where only 3 burst would come out of the rifle when I REALLY needed all 6).

Sacrifice AP to have it

I’d be OK with it if there was some kind of compensation. To enable it, you need to:

  • have 1 AP left per shot you want to take
  • each shot costs 1 WP (no more WP, no shot)
  • rifle assault uses a whole burst, not half

Hope you like the idea

I think this would be the most useful, not too strong or weak.

Then we would need to have option to turn it off. I would not want soldier to spent WP in alien turn. In my feedback there is cost in AP. And I think that would be enough.

Then Return Fire would be just useless to me. Draining WP without my absolute control when I may have a mind controlling Siren just around the corner is just a huge No.

Yeah, I’m not a fan of return fire either. I think fine, if there’s a particular type of creature that’s using it in order to distinguish from the others, but beyond that it just feels like a poor man’s over watch.

Oups, thought about it but forgot to write it. Of course you would need to press a button to enable the capacity.

thats very important point.
There is one more point. I can agree that Assault class - designed for Close Quarter Battles has this ‘super power’ of returning fire. It’s fine it’s their feature. But because now (hopefully only now) you have to mix every class with the assault, you have a sniper which respond with full power (because there is no burst), high accurate shot, which usually kills the unsuspecting enemy.

I meant that assault with shotgun uses full power of his weapon when assault with rifle only uses half a burst. Not even speaking about other classes.

Return fire is a little OP although it also seems to be a lot more like “opportunity fire”.

I’ve run in close and shot a Pandoran with a rifle only to have 6 fire at me with machine guns…a little harsh methinks.

I’m happy with the concept of sacrificing 1AP per shot you want to take as reaction fire, perhaps 1AP per shot plus 1 free shot.