Reload turret How?

Ok So I have a tech
Hest standing next to turret
Can’t select reload turret as it says their is no valid target
Huh ?

Its there in front of me
So how relaod ?

It should work if you are close to turret, not sure that it works in diagonal, and if the turret hasn’t full clip, and if you have ammo for the turret type in soldier inventory. If not it looks like a bug to report in game.

Haven’t run into a situation where I need to reload a turret, I usually carry multiple turrets per tech. But maybe you need to pick it up and put it in your hands slot to be able to reload?

I had a few case where I would like reload, but no real opportunity to did it.

But I quoted when the skill icon was enabled or disabled. And no way you can reload a turret in hands or inventory.

I’m not sure either. Maybe you can’t do it but the UI is too stupid to stop telling the player they need to reload. Like what they have no ammo on them at all, but it still says they need to reload. ‘Out of ammunition entirely’ would be a more accurate message.