Mech not getting ability to recover turret

The skill takes two action points, but when I move next to the turret with two points I am still unable to recover it.

It does, a Technician can pick up a turret on an adjacent tile for 2 APs.

If there is an instance where that didn’t work, report it via F12.

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f12 it is - it is definitely broken.

Was the turret deployed either on top of a piece of destructible scenery or on a tile where a Chiron (or other large enemy) fell onto when they died? Can you reproduce the bug?

BTW I notice one cannot retrieve turrets on diagonal squares, wonder if it’s an oversight or by design. But you can attack enemies in melee diagonally.

It seems that there is a skill to throw turrets wherever you want.

Were all of your ready slots full already? The change people asked for was that the turret should go in a ready slot instead of the inventory, but ready slots can’t be overloaded like the old inventory method could.