Lazer Turrets - How do you reload them?

I started using the lazer turrets and it does not seem to give you the amo? I can get amo for the other types but the lazers just eventually run out and you can’t reload them? Do they have a power pack or something, but nothing appears in your tree after you research and get this turret? Anyone know the answer to this please? Or is that a bug?

Have you tried clicking on the + next to the turret when it’s in an active slot? Turrets appear to be automatically reloaded at the end of the mission. By clicking on the +, new ammo should be manufactured.

Here’s the thing, that tab it is ghosted out so you can’t purchase anything? However, I am playing through again and I will keep an eye on that! But how do you reload during a mission? This is the important thing, I was in the final map and the dam thing ran out right when I needed it most and of course no way to reload it?

One needs an ammo magazine in inventory and must be within 1 tile of the turret. I believe it’s 1 AP to reload. If all of these criteria are met, one should be able to select reload. All of my replies have been away from the computer. I’ll check it out later when I get a chance.

EDIT: There is no way to manufacture or add a magazine for the turrets via the unit’s inventory. They can only be manufactured via the Manufacture tab and one must manual move the magazine into the unit’s inventory.

NOTE: Unlike other weapons, it appears that ammo is created for free after the mission that automatically reloads active turrets. Odd, but it would appear that turrets are treated as vehicles (where the same appears to apply).

BUT… Is it the same amo for the Lazers? What do I manufacture for them? I can’t see one in the options to manufacture? they have it for the rattle Snake and normal amo for the basic turrets but I can’t find anything on the lazers?

The name of the magazine is simply wrong, at least in German language.
I play on German and the laser turret is called “Scorcher AT” and the magazine “Watcher-AT-Magazin”, the (1st available) Watcher turret magazine is called “Watcher AT Magazin” (without “-”). The picture is also the same, but the corresponding magazines are direct below the turrets.



Can you manufacture a new laser turret? If not, you also don’t have the research to manufacture ammo. If you can manufacture a new turret, then the ammo is 1 row down.

Yes… I can make as many as I like I had 4 of them, but could not figure out how to refill them!

Thanks you so much! I think this solved it, i will check it out…:slight_smile: Thanks!