Release balance issues: did Gollop and other designers play the full game?

I’ll provide an illustration of how many things in PP work so far from a point of view of new player. At the start of the game, you are given a heavy with a cannon. If you haven’t played the game before then in next several battles you will discover that at the beginning of the game the cannon is not just a bad weapon but a detrimental tool for development of your character as they grow only when they kill someone. Only later you will realize that they way of the heavy is to rocket jump in the crabs face and bash it with a cannon. How is that for a learning experience? What impression of the game this give you? How come the situational usage of powers and abilities is the meta mechanics of the game which is advertised as turn based tactics? what even more funny is that said situational usage have to be unlocked while you are still learning the game.


Bash crab face is very hardly the best way to use a Heavy low level and in first part of the game. it’s just a possibility. Move deep in enemy ranks is the best way to get a soldier killed, it’s not that simple.

Its a guaranteed way to get kills on his account, until you get some other weapon for him or multi class him into sniper. In earlier builds, you could give him grenades, but they are nerfed now. What is your strategy for leveling up heavy early in the game?

build a training facility, and leave him in base… he will gain levels faster than guys doing missions… i think thats the thing they should be improving… not some powerful aliens…

Before training facility is finished, he can be level 4 already. And who leaves 1 out of 3 soldiers in a base? :smiley:
On top of that it’s mathematically impossible for him to grow faster than other unless they are not killing anything.

you can hire more soldiers… and its perfectly possible, because majority of events on map are not combat events, you spend a lot of time just exploring and finding havens… while your heavy gets steady amount of XP every single hour…

I don’t think you know what you are talking about. It takes 3 days! to build a training facility. For less resources and the same amount of time, you can build a sniper helmet, sniper leg armor and start building sniper rifle for heavy. What do you even mean by just exploring? You are low on resources, if you built anything you won’t have any resource to hire anyone. There is no point in exploring heavens unless you do missions and scavenge for loot. It doesn’t matter what is “possible”, as its possible to do absolutely nothing.
Everyone gets XP when you have facility, it explicitly says that it doesn’t matter if soldier is at base or not. Hence why I said it’s impossible for him to level up faster than others.

And you are completely missing the point of the post - new player has no idea about any of that and will go into battle as he is guided by tutorial. Before you start doing any “strategy” on geo scape on your own, your heavy will go through at least two battles, of which first is misleading as all targets are close range.

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you said its not possible to train Heavy faster via training center… i said it is totally possible… and you can hire more troops via research and hire protocols, something that is described in game quite well… so even rookie will understand it…

That’s what you said and it’s simply not true. On top of being a useless suggestions for the reasons of time and resources needed that can be used for other things.

Which requires resources which you won’t have unless you do scavenging missions or missions for heavens, or just being lucky in finding events that can give you some resources. So are you saying that your strategy for early game is to fly around to get freebies and hope you don’t get ambushed? Did you played the game first time like that?

Regardless of weird choices, that’s clearly not how 99% of people will be playing this game first time.

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How about stop want:

  • One shot kill or soldier can’t be level up during first steps.
  • Try use Heavy to destroy armor or pointless.

it’s your play choice that lead to that Heavy problem, there’s no problem to level up Heavy during first parts.

Training center will train any class. Usefull all game long for new recruits.

I never had problem to level up heavy… they hit like a truck in first game part. Often one shot pandorian…

I don’t see any problem to level them…

Isn’t damages bring most of soldiers XP? I thought have read that.

I never bothered check that because unlike XCOM I never noticed troubles with a soldier quite slow to level up compared to others.

You absolutely do not need armor piercing weapons to kill sirens. You can kill sirens simply with basic Phoenix equipment. If you are determined to shred her armor, then all you need is a level 2 Beserker with a basic hand grenade, which is available to you nearly immediately.

I think the new Sirens with last update are fine, if there’s a problem it is very general, the game failed build a rough balance between longer range and shorter range. Also it’s possible that some missions can spam too many of them.

From other thread. It is because you performed too well in previous missions. :slight_smile:

No, some Chiron variations are crap design, and Lairs increase the bad aspect of those bad designs, and no adaptive difficulty level can magically transform a bad design into a good design.

Wow, you all really derailed my thread lol. But it’s OK: glad to see you all enjoying the game.

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