Feedback Release

meh… I was really hyped about this game, and I backed it.
I tried to convice myself, that the Backer Build is just a small “taste” to see some thing, but now I don’t see any major improvement from Backer Build 5.
My issues:

  • Combat:
    • ummm… no “wounded”? just simply dead and unable to carry other troops out of combat. See some military statistics about this.
    • Line of Fire is still buggy… I’m sorry, cannot fire from behind an obstacle? I hit a friendly standing next to me when I fire my SNIPER rifle? I mean WHAT THE FUGDE?
    • Heavy is still useless… replace him
    • Sniper fails 50% of the shots… my grandmother can hit better
    • Elevation does not seem to offer an advantage… pfft
    • cannot get at least partial cover from many obstacles like trees, rocks and other stuff
    • CANNOT SEE through WINDOWS and glass? Is this the blind and stupid paramilitary organisation?
    • still can only take 6 soldiers in a mission… bleah! so this is a mini tactical game
    • Grenades indoor are crappy… have you ever seen how a grenade is tossed indoors? nobody throws a grenade high in the air through a window or a door. Take a look at some army material about breaching
  • Equipment gets destroyed much too often, it’s 1) annoying and 2) very very unrealistic. Someone hits one of my soldiers in the head (head disabled) and he’s rifle gets destroyed? uuuugh wtf, was he holding his rifle to protect his head or something?

General / Geoscape:

  • no substance to the whole “economy” of the game, you have the 3 resources but cannot trade equipment that you produce with the heavens. You cannot buy weapons
  • Recruiting is just sad, really sad… give me some green volunteers or something
  • I’ve been looking for that Phoenix Base like months…
  • Manufacturing still has only one queue… so you start on a 6d crusade to build a vehicle and cannot build some stupid rifle in parallel… welcome to the serial world of manufacturing!
  • The research is … well… useless. I don’t see the point of doing any kind of research
  • “reverse engineering” is not a research is a well… “ENGINEERING”. Engineering and research are not the same thing, research covers more theories which then the engineering tries to prototype and blueprint.
  • Soldier progression is a joke, sorry, but really a joke. Job half done. Especially the fact that my heavy gets a posibillity to “develop his skills with the sniper rifle”… this was reported back in BB4 I think, and it’s common sense! Tag those perks according to the class and experience!

very very veeeeery dissapointing. I will give this game maximum 10 hours of my life then I will probably wait for Xenonauts 2 and meanwhile play x-com

Now that I have one more day experience, maybe I should also write the thing I like about it:

  • Move - Fire - Move… Thank you! I really missed that in the firaxis xcom, more realistic
  • … sorry, that’s it at the moment! :slight_smile:

I wrote a whole notebook of feedback for the game. Somehow, it seems everyone got their hands on it, and is writing what I was going to write.

I have some faith in the PP devs. They rushed this release, sure… but if they work hard at fixing these issues along with or before the DLC, I think they can make this a classic successor of XCOM. The game is a lot of fun, even with these terrible, grating problems.

Except Return Fire! It is ruining it for me, seriously.

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can You please add a recall for the menu during enemy turn?

This is only one small part, but if you get other bases online and they have a factory, you have a manufacture queue for each one. So you can build more than one at a time, as long as you have bases

It seems like still needs some work. I played it a few hs and i like it but it feels like a poor man xcom (except for the manual shooting, great feature).

Im guessing that with the DLC´s and some patches/mods this will be a gem.

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Am I the only one that loves this game, even as it is?
I am more than confident that any problems and bugs will be addressed in time, and understand why the game was released as is.
Release had already been set back so my guess was it was damage control, which would do the least damage? Postpone again and disappoint fans yet again, or release unfinished and get earache over the remaining bugs. Personally I’m glad they went with release. It might be something akin to buying into EA, but it’s a good EA. :slight_smile:

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Probably not, I can see there are the bones of a good game in here, but, and it’s a big but there are many not just glitches but design aspirations that have n’t been applied or implement in the correct way. It may seem a comical comment but at the moment there are too many ‘game’ mechanics and too few real life tactical options that work correctly. If you are going to give your players the option to target individual locations then there has to be consistency on how their applied, disable a weapon seems to work, but disabling a head means the creature just keeps going! This is a problem from using overall hit points and destroying specific locations that should lead to death. The one I’m thinking of is the large creature that fires a large area of goo, I have or rather my sniper has destroyed it’s head for no apparent affect on the creature. The lean out function does not work at the moment, no trained soldier would step out into the open when he could lean out from cover presenting a much smaller target. The cover system also seems to be problematic when troopers stand next to an object but don’t kneel behind it in the middle of a fire fight. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that patches come out fairly quickly, but at the moment am going back to 3025 and climbing into my Battlemech.

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I have certainly liked the game a lot in its current state. Loading times are slow, but I haven’t encountered any serious bugs so far. A couple of highlights from my current game:

  • I’ve really missed individual bullet trajectory calculation (that was present in the 1994 X-COM but not in the Firaxis games). It feels great shooting through a wall to finish off an enemy. I even managed to line up a gauss sniper rifle shot and killed two enemies with one bullet. I didn’t know it was possible, but bullets seem to penetrate enemies as well as walls!

  • Being able to equip my soldiers with a custom set of weapons/armor is fun as well. Soldiers are too expensive to use them as walking bombs like in the original game (here’s a primed high explosive, please enter that UFO, we’ll be right behind you). Instead, I’ve been experimenting with dual-specialization builds and specific pieces of weapons and armor to make highly specialized soldiers. In addition to basic dash + shoot grunts of course.

Look, it has some good things, I’ll give it that, but it’s not what was promised from the “creator of xcom”… I guess our expectations were too high. I remember playing the first xcom… omg! THAT was an experience!

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By the time you get 2-3 bases, your squad is already battle hardened and you pretty much have almost everything you need. The problem is at the beginning when you need to produce some aircraft/vehicle in background and still be able to build a rifle or two on the side.

I’m only 10 hours in the game and really enjoying it. But I have to agree with almost every point of @mischuleo.

I’ve been waiting for this game for a long game, and I still have the hope that with time it will be the truly masterpiece it should be.

Please, Julian and team, don’t abandon the game! It has the love and the potential for a classic.


Hard to tell what exactly is wrong , is it a bit primitive graphics overview on missions that a great improvement over original X-Com, but can’t even come close to “Enemy within” ? Is it Primitive research system that actually gives nothing ? Is it unclear behavior of overwatch ? Is it…
I mean its really hard to tell what is wrong here, I love some elements like new zoom firing system and such , the political events are well thought and presented, I do not even have a crashes some people report here.
But … something is missing, some basic element that actually creates the fan and makes you want to do “one more turn”.


I wanted to criticize it much in first place, but played for over 10 hours and I still enjoy it. I think that events and story missions keep me interested. Also that slight balancing done to units and weapons made me little less disgusted compared to BB5. What more I only had 2 cases with game crash, so game is more stable than before. One was just at the beginning before tutorial started (but ‘repair’ seemed to help here) and second when entering special mission for NJ. I lowered the graphic settings and haven’t experienced any more issues since then. Game is loading quite nice and runs quite smooth. Of course I will probably get back with my feedback about things that are not quite interesting and/or missing, but right now I just try to enjoy the game.

I guess I have been lucky with zero crashes on extensive play. It would probably be another story if it was crashing.
Whatever, whatever, I can’t help myself from loving the game. It’s been many years since I have found myself so addicted to a game. :wink:
I have faith in JG and the team to build this game into something undeniably fantastic that will draw in strategy fans by the ton. It’s true old school with no BS.

i run 3 playthrough so far and no crash, just a screen that stop my campaign at the end of a mission.

there are some issue well more than some that need fix asap. Plus some concept of the game need a rework. More i play and more of them i discover and report. Until this issue have been fixed for me the game is unplayable.

After playing this game for couple of days, I have to say I changed my mind.
I am still disappointed, I expected sequel to X-COM or X-COM like game, but this on is completely different, the only common thing that it has turn based combat, BUT I STARTED TO LOVE this game, its deep , interesting and DOES have a “drive” , same as original X-COM did.
It’s just no X-COM.
On the bad side there still rather uneventful, blend, research and the learning curve is unpleasant, also the “switch” from “everything is too easy and world is small” to “damn, I can’t pass any mission and the world is huge” is just too sharp.
As for bugs, I guess I am the lucky one, game hang only once so far :slight_smile: while doing enemy turn Scylla animation, btw: here I would prefer to have an option to pres ESC during enemy turn to get to the Load/Restart menu without watching for several minutes my soldiers getting wiped out :slight_smile: