Regain Willpoints


how does that ability work? Some of my soldiers have that ability, others don`t.
Would like to know the mechanics.

When soldier has less than full WP you can click it to regain half of WP. You can do that only when soldier didn’t do anything in this turn.

To add on what Yokes said … the action only appears if you have less than full WP. That’s why you think that some soldiers don’t have the ability.

Can I regain by this way the Willpoint, till I have again maxed out Willpoints?

You get back half of your max WP.
So if you have 6WP when starting the mission, each use will give you 3WP back (not impressive).
If you start the mission with 29 WP (max for a priest), you get 14 or 15 WP back (haven’t tested if rounded up).
So in two turns, you can go back to full WP.