Magical Willpower

Does anyone else feel that the WP areas on the maps are a bit of a easy developer fix for topping up willpower?
Rather than magically regaining willpower how about having a designated leader of each squad with a Rally ability that can be used once per map to top up WP for the squad - along with one strategic point (that has to be fought over) on each map that does the same?
The strategic point can then grant 1 WP to all squad members as long as it’s held.

On top of that you have other ways getting WP on tactical.

Priest with Synod head +2 WP per turn in range , 7 tiles.

Inspire ability, Heavy LV 6, +1 WP for all squad killing enemies, even worms or mindfraggers,

@etermes, do you have anything against inspire? I think synod head is very powerful, but I’m ok with Inspire.

I like the OP’s suggestion of exchanging willpower areas for something else, but I’m also ok with them… they’re like a tactically advantageous point that encourages the team when captured. Not all of them make sense though, specially ground-level areas in desolate tilesets like the resource scavenging missions.

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I don’t, except a worm or mindfragger, little creatures should not provide WP , in my opinion.

It is easily exploitable

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Just like Rapid Clearance to fill up AP with worms


hmm, inspire could work only for medium-sized or larger creatures (siren and up) but then it would need another benefit or it wouldn`t be worth it… maybe more WP or something else.

  • +5 WP just for opening crates (of course only on maps with crates, so scavenging, raids, Lairs, Citadels …)

that’s true, I use assault soldiers dashing twice in order to reach as fast as possible those crates knowing that I will get WP back

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Magically regaining willpower…??.. Since when… In order to regain willpower you have objectives that do it, killing pandorans does it, crates do it, and most importantly resting on your soldiers turn does it. I know I missed a few. Now you want me to have a designated leader to rally my troops.?

Sorry, I think that’s not just an unnecessary idea but also a very bad idea.

These zones can be included in the list of Mission Objectives for which Phoenix SP is awarded. Depending on the difficulty level.