Suggestion: Swap Turns for Willpower when determining Stamina Reduction

Instead of determining your soldiers’ Stamina hit at the end of a combat mission based on the number of turns it took to complete the said mission;
Why not determine the stamina reduction based on how many will points each soldier needs to replenish?

Or rather than instead, maybe a combination of both?

Why I think this will be better:

  • ATM, while there are no Sirens around there, is NO real downside to spamming all your abilities and expending all your will points; Something like this would make spamming a choice with real detriments.
  • Give another incentive to take map control points.
  • To tie will point expenditure to the larger game; Rather than oh well next mission, I will get them all back.

Maybe even instead of losing AP for tired/exhausted soldiers, said soldier would start the mission with reduced or no will points.

Thanks for reading, what do you think?

It’s a good suggestion.

I think I’d tweak slightly and say that it should be based on the number of WP points spent during the mission, rather than the number remaining at the end. Otherwise the player will just regenerate WPs before mission end in order to not take a penalty.

Rule #1 of game design - If you leave a way to abuse the system, the players WILL abuse it, early & often.