Redesign Bionic Base Mission

Bionic Base mission is a disappointment… to easy, without subject 24 presence and in a New Jericho regular base (even with NJ recruitment posters!!!).

The Final of Blood and Titanium DLC deserves much more and a great final mission with a boss. Subject 24 that is absent of it. So I propose:

  • Include a boss, a super cyborgue, as Subject 24
  • Remove New Jericho advertisements
  • Include lots of sentry towers
  • Put (a lot) more Pure Cyborgues in map
  • Give a final reward of a good amount of tech

Canny votation: Redesign Bionic Base Mission | Voters | Phoenix Point

Sentry Towers? Which would be what exactly?

I don’t remember size of the map atm, but in my opinion it was quite small map. You want to make it crowded place to let explosives shine?

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Sentry towers as the Technicians have and we got in Corrupted Horizons mission, but these ones controled by Pure.

More Pure soldiers also with rockets. Mission should be a fortress and a difficult mission… with Subject 24 present as a super boss at Scylla level.

I like the idea of a Boss, super Pure soldier with special bonus, same as Abdon Tusk in Pirate King mission.

Turrets? Watcher AT, sure, more interesting than a bunch of soldiers.

And AI for spider drones should be reworked, right now those explode in front of walls, or different floor level, just due adjacency, very bad in the game,
and you can fool them using your own spider drones:

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I was really struck by the absence of Subject 24. He is such a charismatic character and isn’t there even as a renamed soldier!

So when you see the final cutscene, you can only ask yourself: “When… have I… actually killed him? Ugh, can’t remember…”