Phoenix Point - Year One Edition - Bionic Fortress

This missions changed a bit with Polaris/YOE release:


Cool, I’d never seen any enemy use spider drones! That was tense… much better mission overall than what I’d played in the past.

I just wish Subject 24 would at least be named as such.

I find old for more challenging, but highly unlikely it will be undone.

Why? I play on veteran and did Bionic Fortress about 3 times with much weaker soldiers, it was easy every time. This one looked much more difficult. Maybe it’s a harder difficulty setting but he began far away from the targets (my missions always started very close) and most of them had long range equipment, that seemed harder to me.

Simple mapping, they were easier to hide in bunkers and side locations. While there are more enemies, they somewhat rush, and are much more open to fire. With properly buffed squad and e.g. death mark and granade launchers etc. its fast death.

the problem with both deployments is the same, enemies AI is not great


Oh, The Pure , thanks to shield, with their move 1 AP - Shoot - Place Shield are among the toughest. But somewhat more fort like map gave them better hidding chances and often nulled ability to use granade launchers.

Surely, AI has improved with Polaris, but can always be better. Enemies still heal just for scratch and rush to open.

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I get what you’re saying @rasvoja, in this regard you’re right. They are better equipped and there are more enemies, but the “claustrophobic” setting also made it harder. Maybe if it was kept, it would be too hard now. I’ll try it when the game become more stable again, probably after festering skies.

Yeah, at the end of your video when the last pure chose to go wide open to target your turret when there were much better, closer and injured targets… it was very “facepalmy-y”.

edit: oh also the one that parked right beside your assault with a shotgun! I think this one could be explained with lore, the pure are kinda nuts…

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