Aircraft and other suggested improvements

Can we get a button that unloads an aircraft all at once rather than having to click on each individual trooper to unload it? That would save me a bunch of clicks.

Can we get a Thunderbird or Manticore aircraft or upgrade that holds 8 troopers instead of 7 or 6, respectively? Missions were made for 8, let’s have a decent, quick craft that holds 8. If I want to respond with 6, then I’ll respond with 6. You can make them all hold 8 and then customize racial differences based on other aspects such as how many vehicles they hold or what distance they can fly or how much damage they take or how much armor they have, etc.

Can we get a get a button that can transfer troopers between bases? Micromanaging by having to fly aircraft with 1-2 troopers between bases is tedious and too much like operating an air taxi.

Can we get a means to rename bases? It would be nice to know which base is one what continent without having to click around the geoscape to find it. I’d like to rename my bases PHB-Australia or PHB-Training base or whatever.

Make maps bigger and have more map varieties. Why are the Antarctic missions on a green, vegetal map? Shouldn’t these maps be used for other missions as well?

There is such a transport =)
It is called “two Synedrion ships” =P
You know you can use several ships to bring more troops into battle (with a cap at 8)?

Public transportation is dead in 2047 so there is no other option, sorry :cry:

In 2047 the ice caps had already melted and it is quite possible the Antarctic land could look that way… though I do miss the landscape variety of original X-Com with cabbage fields, deserts and jungles!