[Game mecanic : recruits] Balance and improve recruits

It’s a surprising fact that we cannot recruit any soldier from our “faction”.
It perturbes a bit.

We should recruit some soldier from canditades from bases (sometimes not an infinite list).

In addition, the cost to recruit is too heavy even in rooky difficulty, the cost is awfull.
Finely, we are inform that a haven has build an elite trainer but there are so many haven on the map so we cannot find it. We should have a way to localise this haven (clic on the annoncement, or an haven finder…)

It’s already part of a proposed design change. https://phoenixpoint.canny.io/snapshot-proposed-changes/p/base-recruiting-soldiers

I know but a part only, not the whole topic.

agreed on the phoenix point recruits and I knew the devs where already looking into that, note that PP recruits may have some downside to them as to differentiate between them and recruits from havens.

the cost of rookie and veteran recruits is higher then hero or legendary difficulty ones, mainly because you buy them with full equipment, so you don’t have to build the gear. (effectively you are buying weapons and armor with the resources rather then building them for resources and time)

Which really bites when you’re replacing a dead trooper of the same class and have their equipment already sitting in storage.