Show recruit type instead of a stickman!

What it sounds like. It’s not much fun trying to find right kind of recruit as it is, it involves manually scrolling and clicking on each haven and then on the pop-up to see who’s available.

So replace that stickman with the class icon and we can tell who can you get at a glance.


Great idea. I would wish that when you place the mouse over the new “soldier class icon” the special ability of that soldier would appear. Currently you First have to buy the soldier then you See the ability. Just show it before as i mentioned when the mouse Covers the class item

I’d rather have a separate screen showing a table of all available soldiers with:

  • class
  • custom perks
  • a button to go see the soldier with his equipment
  • a button to go to the haven on the geoscape.

But yes of course having the class icon rather than a person next to the haven would already be nice.


In the end some good overview Screens with functions are missing.

  • available soldiers as @pantolomin said
  • available ressources / Trade overview
  • Base overview with current building processes
  • sortable soldier screen with selction (only show wounded…)
  • more comfortable storage overview

This mod does exactly what you are asking for. You can click all havens and know exactly what the recruits are before flying there.

No it doesn’t. I can’t see on geoscape what class the recruit is. For example hunting for a NJ Heavy can get a bit old…

I just gave you a solution to what you wanted. Did you even check the mod?
Yes you have to click the haven and check inside for the soldier stats. It does not give a shopping list on the geoscape…

But does the class Icon at least appear next to the haven on it?

I agree. An indicator that a recruit is available is nice but having to click every individual haven and then remember which ones you’ve already clicked so you’re not running in circles is a pain. Replacing the recruit available icon with the available recruit’s class icon would let you quickly scan the geoscape for a certain class. Then you can “enter” the haven for the details.

I’m also for making that mod a part of the next patch and the separate screen idea showing a table of all available soldiers, maybe via a new “Recruits” button on the Personnel tab.

Did you even read what I was asking for? Having to click twice on each haven with some kind of recruit to find out what class it is is the problem.

No, it doesn’t, what it does is show the perks when you’ve got haven screen already open, which is what we’re trying to avoid in the first place.

You got my meaning spot on. I don’t really try to minmax with perks but if I want NJ sniper with that heavy duty sniper armour, I don’t want to clickety click through half a dozen assaults and heavies.

At least the star icon gives you a hint what you can find but I’ve got bigger need for basic classes since I’ve got to provide a human sacrifice regularly to keep DDA from going crazy.

Why is there no list in the first place ? Zooming from haven to haven gets real old after a short while … Generally there needs to be a list for Points Of Interest.