Recruiting and trading still a tedious grind

I’d really like to be able to see which soldiers are available at which havens on a single screen, listed by type, price, skill level etc, rather than having to scroll around the geoscape looking haven by haven.

Similarly trading. Want to sell nosh? Lets have another good old zoom’n’click session…

Global Paradox-style spreadsheet would be welcome, just as you suggest.

There is trading UI overhaul on the way, though it doesn’t seem to include quite what you are suggesting. The following quote is from a thread requesting “trade all” option.

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Should be included in the next patch. We will not just add trade all button but improve the trading interface. Trading will be accessible from Geoscape. There will be a “Trade” button under “Haven Info” on Geoscape which will take you to the new trading UI. There will be sliders for choosing how much resources do you want to trade and also trade all button.

Actually, that proposal sounds like just the thing I’ve been looking for.

IIRC in XCom Apocalypse there was a similar market for recruits. You could ‘buy’ them from a recruitment U/I and then there was a delay while they travelled to the XCom base. It was really neat.

Have a look here