Turrent Pickup after evac missions

So curious how it works with any missions that have you evacing (ambush, special missions etc), i assume you lose deployed turrents if you dont pick them up ( turrents take 2 ap to pickup my tech has 6)? These missions can be a bit annoying, kill everything, no new enemies but have to wander around looting and picking up turrents then walk to the evac. Either keep the enemies coming so you need to run off the map due to pressure or make it finish when you kill everything.

Turrets from what I quote:

  • It seems they are never lost if you don’t pick them and they aren’t destroyed.
  • If they are destroyed, it turret lost.
  • It seems in some special missions a turret destroyed is restored anyway.

So pick them only to have them not destroyed or to use them at another location.

Last time I’ve tried it was 1 AP to pick up (2 AP to deploy).
Did that change?

In citadel missions it seems the turrets are lost.

Bug then. Played Citadels with turret deploy and not lost.

You don’t remind well or it was a pre release version.

Deploy is 2AP on base, but 1 AP with throw deploy skill.

Pick it is 2 AP.

Yeah, in a older backer build turrets were lost if not picked up before the mission ended. It was changed before release, but there may still be some bugs/quirks lingering from the old behaviour that causes turrets to still be lost if not picked up.