Super confused by infiltrators and crossbows. Help!

Hey guys,

On my first campaign. Working my way through. I’m on the second to highest difficulty level.

So, I recruited an infiltrator, the wet suit guy. But he can only use crossbows. But he comes with nothing and I’ve never seen a crossbow, so he just sits in my pool.

Am I missing something? Is there a research tech for a crossbow I’ll unlock at some point? Or is this guy just wasted space? I also recruited a crazy expensive New Jericho vehicle but when I deploy it, it doesn’t seem to have any weapons. Is it just mobile cover?

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Hmm, my Infiltrator came with a crossbow. You find this weapon ion some missions. Else he can stealth throughout the whole map without being seen if you do it correct. He´s a scout after all.

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I hear that on higher difficulties they don’t come with their own weapon. But this is another example of how awful some of the game mechanics are conveyed to the player in this game.

Ok so I recruit a guy who can only use crossbows. There’s no crossbows. There’s no hint on where to find them. There’s no indication on if I will ever find them. I’ve played 6 hours with this guy and the Armadillo wasting space in my slots with no idea on if he’ll ever find a place in my campaign. It’s dumb. I’m going to go try XCOM 2 Long War of the Chosen.

crossbows are tech from synedrion I believe.
So either make them like you so you get the tech, or raid them and you might find one.

I found them in other missions. (not attacking synedrion).

usually the way to go with new recruits is to leave them at a base with many training facilities until they are high enough to be useful and be multi-classed. In the meantime you have ample time to find or craft gear for him.
One exception obviously is the first recruit early game to fill the 6th slot, you want to be able to use him right away, and obviously if on high difficulty avoid picking an elite class.

I guess that if you play on higher difficulties than veteran you are expected to be familiar with the game already and to know about the elite classes and how to get gear for them.

But I agree that the game is still in a beta state and a lot of things need to be reworked, once you get past those little issues and get more familiar with how things work it’s an amazing game though.