Power supply problem

Hi all.

It look like power supply mechanics is not working well. There are 4 problems:

  1. A newly constructed building does not power automatically.
  2. On power shortage game turns off power on their own. It is a very disappoint when alien containment is blackout and all aliens gone.
  3. Synedrion technology that amplifies generator output does not counted well on game load or game switching from tactical to strategical view.
    4 Repairing (or building ?) a generator does not power existing building

I have the same problem. I don’t get credit for captures. Make sure to turn off enough power before missions to get capture. Apparently this problem has been going on since 2018.

You can manually power on structures, by either clicking on the power plug icon or by going into the buildings info screen and select “Power On.” it would be nice if buildings powered on automatically yes but I don’t see these 2 as a huge issue requiring any immediate attention. Manually powering on structures is simple enough.

Yea, that I can see being an issue… haven’t run into this myself as of yet.

THIS! This is maddening. Bad enough that I lost a Scylla live capture due to this. But you have to go power on facilities in every base after every game load or return from combat mission. And with all the attacks on human havens that I’m fending off, it is constant.

It’s easy to forget to power things back on sometimes and then you end up with a bunch of units that never healed because the med bay was offline due to this bug. Or training not happening, research, ect…

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I lucked out in a mission and managed to capture a Scylla, Goo Chiron, only to have my containment be off on my exiting the mission. so frustrating, any one know if this is being addressed? It isn’t on the known bugs list.

Is there “known bug list”? Maybe official update will fix this, but in the meantime there is mod to fix the issue.