Random encounters

Not sure if its a new topic or not, tried using search, but failed to find, so I wanted to suggest to add some random encounters with let’s say different aliens that came by other means and not always have common issues with the local threat. They may be friendly or not, sometimes might give additional missions or trade options for another devices let’s say weapons, armor, or researches for additional robots, flying crafts and so on. Might be even open for recruit, joining the PP forces. Or need some help to repair their own spaceship to return home. Might appear in already opened map when u fly by.
As we play the game and eventually progress through the missions we will experience quite the same things, same researches, same weapons, same aliens and so on. So there will not be much differences b/n the games when we start from scratch each time.
Yet, when each and every game has its own unique missions that may alter the progress one would like to play the game again and again, it won’t become boring after few replays.
Well, just a thought. Not needed to be added at the launch, may be later.